ISHARES - Expect More

iShares are the largest provider of ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) in Europe.

By challenging investors to expect more from their ETF provider, the brand communicates it’s restless spirit, continually striving to push boundaries and position itself as the market leader in it’s field.

Our task was to create an evolution of the previous look and feel, and create new ads to promote the core beliefs of the company, explianing why investors can expect more.

My approach was to make the white space of the layout just as important as the main visual. Using high contrast black and white photography, images supported witty yet provocative headlines. Bold coloured shapes in the brand colours interacted with either the typography or isolated objects, drawing the viewer in.


Digital ads used the shapes in a playful way, animating around the imagery to become the background for the final logo and strapline.

concept .  art direction . production