NBC UNIVERSAL - ‘Beyond The Screen’

NBC Picturebox Films wished to launch a first of its kind mobile and ipad app for movie lovers - offering the ultimate second screen experience.
Launching with Edgar Wright’s popular 'Cornetto Trilogy', we had the challenge of continually entertaining true film fans, without distracting from the main storyline on screen.

'Beyond The Screen' was a unique viewing experience; Using unique technology that synched with the film's audio, fresh and entertaining content popped up at relevant moments in the film. 
Users could discover trivia, key stats, locations, soundtracks and filmic references, really unleashing their inner geek.

'Cornettos' were awarded for their knowledge, which accumulated in the 'freezer' where they could unlock further exclusive content and prizes.

Pitch Win . Campaign Strategy . Concept . Art Direction.

NBC Universal / Beyond The Screen App from Stereo

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‘Best App’ Digital Spy - Mar 2014
‘Best Ipad App’ FWA Award - Apr 2014