NBC UNIVERSAL - ‘The Cornetto Trilogy’

NBC Picturebox Films wished to launch a first of its kind mobile and ipad app for movie lovers - offering the ultimate second screen experience.
Launching with the popular 'Cornetto Trilogy' - Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End, it needed to appeal to the true film fan.
The challenge here was to create a unique viewing experience, whereby film lovers are continually entertained, uncover fresh content, yet aren't distracted from the main storyline on screen.

This was solved using unique technology that syncs with the soundtrack, and springs to life when it hears the film.
Beyond The Screen is aimed at true film fans, offering more than the usual DVD extras; Trivia, key stats, locations, soundtrack and filmic references pop up on a timeline in sync with the film's narrative. The user can interact with the content or continue to watch the film and save it in their 'freezer' for later. Here, they can see how many 'Cornetto's' they have been awarded for their knowledge thereby unlocking exclusive content or further prizes.

Pitch Win . Campaign Strategy . Concept . Art Direction.

NBC Universal / Beyond The Screen App from Stereo

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‘Best App’ Digital Spy - Mar 2014
‘Best Ipad App’ FWA Award - Apr 2014