FINSPREADS - ‘Simply Spread Betting’

Finspreads is an online Spread Betting company, that trades on the financial markets, and offers a range of accounts for novice betters to accomplished traders.
I was brought in to re-brand and launch a new campaign to highlight the simplicity of the products on offer, and ease with which users can bet on the stock market.
Using the line 'Simply Spread Betting', I created a brand style in a limited colour palette using clean vector illustrations, and a new font family to echo this simplicity. Trade press, online ads, and social media promoted the various accounts on offer and benefits of each with clever visuals.

The launch visual is made up of the Manhattan skyline, created by light and dark bars, with 'wicks' - graphics that are used across trading platforms. Accompanying digital ads responded to changes in the stock market, leading up to the American election.

concept .  art direction . illustration . design . production