When it comes to seduction, there are right and wrong ways of attracting the opposite sex. And if you get it wrong, that's it. No second chance. So for the youth purchasing Bruno Banani, Germany's number one fragrance, it's vital to get it right when it comes to flirting. And #EasyBanani showed them how.

In a campaign comprising two films, animated gifs, and social posts at launch, the re-positioning of the brand begun. Consumers learnt how to perfect the right signal, ‘The Banani Way,’ the brand's attitude towards life.

By flirting the right way, with Bruno Banani it's easy to win at the game of seduction.

Campaign strategy . concepts . art direction . storyboard . production

The campaign spanned social media, email, and industry blogs in the fashion and fragrance world. GIFS on social and the website broke down each signal individually: