Bentley Home - The Unexpected Reflected

British brand Bentley Motors is not just a car brand. It is a lifestyle. 
Owners live Bentley.
And with Bentley Home customers can surround themselves with the quality craftsmanship of Bentley design in their homes.

Wait - did you say Bentley does furniture? Yep.

For the launch of the 2024 collection, we tackled this element of surprise head on.
In the film The Unexpected Reflected, performer and poet Lionheart describes how our surroundings are a reflection of ourselves, an expression of who we are.

Set against the backdrop of historical Lecce in Puglia, the sleek lines and contemporary design of the furniture is out of context, and contrasts with the classical Italian architecture.
Using mirrors and camera trickery, the viewer is taken on a journey of surprise and reflection, visually and lyrically as Lionheart delivers a powerful monologue.

As he interacts with key pieces of Bentley furniture, finally the message that with new perspective clarity is revealed.

The film received over 5.5k impressions on social within the first week of posting.

The style and Art direction were used for the 2024 catalogue and the Bentley Lifestyle microsite.

Concept . art direction . pre-production
Credits: Mic Perrina - CD, xxx - Director.